Updated January 7th, 2024 (Mountain Time)

This document applies to https://penguinmod.com, https://studio.penguinmod.com, https://extensions.penguinmod.com, https://projects.penguinmod.com, and any other penguinmod.com subdomains.

You may see websites such as "Scratch", "TurboWarp", and "Scratch Auth" referenced.

A "Service Administrator", "Admin", "Moderator", "Mod" or "Administrator" is a person who can either directly access the server files for PenguinMod, or a person who can contact the server host that is able to access the server files and server process. "Host" may also refer to the server host of PenguinMod's project sharing.

A "Project Moderator" is a person who has the ability to remove projects or content from those projects, and reply or send messages to users who had moderation actions happen towards their project or account. These users may also be able to edit profile information about another user.

These people can contact Administrators aswell, and may have extra permissions such as banning users.


By using PenguinMod, you agree to the terms outlined below. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using our website.

Your use of PenguinMod

When uploading projects or posting content on PenguinMod, your content must abide by the Uploading Guidelines at all times.

PenguinMod is allowed to cut access to your ability to publish, update, or remix projects if you do not abide by these rules, and PenguinMod has the right to cut your access to any services we provide if we believe you are violating these guidelines or the Terms of Service.

PenguinMod is allowed to disable your ability to publish, update, remix or change any profile info you have if you do not use language appropriate for kids or younger on your profile, and PenguinMod has the right to cut your access to any services we provide if we believe you are violating this ruling or the Terms of Service.


You may not include copyrighted content in your projects. You are responsible for making sure you have the necessary rights, licenses, or permission for any user-generated content you submit to PenguinMod. You may get your projects, profile info or posts removed, and or face punishment if you do not properly check whether or not you have permission to include something in your content.

If you are a company, individual, etc. and you believe your copyright has been violated, please view contact methods here: Contact Us


Advertisement Content: We may use Google AdSense to display advertisements on PenguinMod. These ads are provided by Google and are subject to Google's policies. PenguinMod is not responsible for the content of these ads.

Data Collection

Information Collected: We collect only the user's username, the content they upload, and their IP address.
Purpose of Collection:

  • Username: Usernames are collected for the sole purpose of displaying them to other users within the PenguinMod community.
  • IP Address: IP addresses are collected for security reasons to validate user identity and ensure the integrity of the PenguinMod platform. Requests coming from the same IP too many times may lose connection to PenguinMod's online services.
  • Cookie Usage: PenguinMod uses cookies to enhance user experience and store user progress and preferences on the website. Users can manage cookie preferences through their browser settings.

Third-Party Information Sharing

PenguinMod does not share any user information, including usernames and IP addresses, with third parties.


  • Authentication System: PenguinMod employs a secure authentication system ("Scratch Auth") to safeguard user login.
  • Vulnerabilities: PenguinMod has active developers and a small set of users looking through our code to ensure proper security.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

No Assumption of Responsibility: PenguinMod, its owners, administrators, and affiliates do not assume responsibility for any issues, damages, or consequences arising from the use of the website.

Exclusion of Damages

PenguinMod is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages, including but not limited to loss of data, revenue, or profits.

Use at Your Own Risk

Despite above security measures, users must acknowledge that they are using PenguinMod at their own risk. PenguinMod is not responsible for any harm, loss, or damage to users' devices, data, or any other property.


PenguinMod makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, reliability, or availability of the website or its content.

Changes to Terms

PenguinMod reserves the right to update or modify these terms of service at any time without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review this document periodically for any changes.

By continuing to use PenguinMod, you agree to abide by the most recent version of these terms.

PenguinMod will make effort to let users know of any changes to rules, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy through the website's messaging system.


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